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Is That A Ban In Your Pocket?...

THE STORY: President Obama will announce his plans, later today, for reducing gun violence. He will stand with gun control advocates and children from around the country who wrote in after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

WHAT'S HE GOT FOR ME? The president will offer up a proposal that includes bans on assault weapons, high-capacity clips, and increased background checks on gun buyers. He would like Congress to pass this. It's not looking good.

ANYTHING ELSE? In case Congress, both parts Red and Blue, doesn't want to play along, Obama will go ahead and outline 19 executive actions that he can take all by himself. These actions will probably include making sure people play by the existing gun rules, increasing research on gun violence, and punishing (a little more harshly) those who tell something other than the full truth on their 'I want a gun' background checks.

WHY NOW? The announcement comes a day after a St. Louis college student shot himself and one other. Also, it's just over a month since the horrific shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. New York became the first state after the tragedy to sign into place gun control measures. The laws just happen to be some of the toughest in the nation.

THE WHY (DO I NEED TO SKIMM?):  President Obama didn't go home, so he is going big. Barry is kicking off a new, probably long, fighting season with his ambitious and controversial gun control proposals. Things are going to continue to get tense after inauguration, especially in light of upcoming debt ceiling and immigration reform fights.

THE *: The NRA, who likes their guns and would like to keep them, released a video yesterday which calls President Obama an "elitist hypocrite" for allowing armed Secret Service agents to protect his daughters, when he is "skeptical" of putting armed guards at schools. Let's leave the kids out of it.

REPEAT AFTER ME...What people are horrified by... The continued violence in Syria. The war between rebels and President Assad's forces hit a sad new low, after at least two explosions occurred while students took midterm exams inside one of the country's biggest universities. Some say the government was behind the attack; others say it was terrorists (otherwise known as rebels who want Assad out). Regardless of who's to blame, 83 people were killed and dozens were injured. The latest deadly disruption to civilian life angered most of the international community, except Russia. Syria's BFF blocked a UN initiative to bring the crisis to International Criminal Court. Russia said the move would be "ill-timed and counterproductive." Agree to disagree.

What to say when you move into a new place... Well, it looks pretty, but nothing works. Boeing's brand new, and expensive, Dreamliner plane is becoming more of a nightmare by the day. The plane was once viewed as the future of aviation, and now? Kind of a hot mess. After a series of recent mishaps, turns out the 787s aren't such a dream abroad either. Japan's two biggest airlines grounded the entire fleet of planes after one had an emergency landing. A cruise ship has never sounded so nice. At least one without a vomiting bug.

What to say when your boss yells at you for being on the 'Book... I'm not stalking, just Graphing. This will soon not be a lie. In an effort to keep things fresh and investors happy, Zuck unveiled the latest addiction in our Timeline'd lives--Graph Search, which will basically be a search engine for things your friends have eaten, visited, liked, worked, dated, etc--you know the drill. The move is an attempt to hit Google where it hurts and is probably making sites like Foursquare and Yelp shake in their digital boots. We get it, we get it, we'd search 'world domination' but we know what we'd find.

What to say when someone speaks badly about you... I wish I had a good PR team. Daniel Edelman, the public relations pioneer and founder of one of the largest firms in the world--Edelman (get it?)--passed away at the age of 92 from congestive heart failure. Mr. Edelman built brands and will be remembered anytime we have a bucket from KFC, bake a cake from Sara Lee, or need some spin.

What to say when your friend texts the guy she just met. Twice... This never ends well, stop putting yourself so far out there. You'd think Jessica Simpson would have gotten the 'let me put my personal life on TV' bug out of her system, post divorce and Chicken of the Sea. Turns out, she has not. The pregnant mogul is back and is set to star in an NBC sitcom based on her life. Sans Nick Lachey we'd guess.

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