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We'll Be Better, The Second Time Around

THE STORY: The Obama & Biden team is officially back in action for another four years. Inauguration day is here, although, let's be honest, nothing's like the first time.

I SAW PICS. WEREN'T THEY ALREADY SWORN IN? Yes, the Constitution says presidential terms must start on Jan. 20th. So President Obama officially began his second term as America's 44th president Sunday at a quiet ceremony with Michelle and the girls by his side. Four years ago, Obama and Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts messed up the oath but they got it right this time. After her dad was sworn in, Sasha said "Good job, Daddy. You didn't mess up." Let's hope she's right.

DID THINGS GO AS WELL FOR JOE? Justice Sonia Sotomayor successfully administered the oath of office to VP Biden in the Naval Observatory (his pad). But at an Iowa State ball on Saturday, Biden said he was "proud to be president." Run of the mill Biden-ism or 2016 hint?

SO WHAT HAPPENS TODAY? The Chief Justice, President Obama, Justice Sotomayor and Joe will do it all over again so the public can party, starting at 11:30AM ET. James Taylor, Kelly Clarkson, and Beyonce will belt out some patriotism. And of course, Obama will headline.

WHAT'S HE GOING TO SAY? In his second inaugural address (which tend to be a let down), Obama will talk about finding common ground in Washington and layout some goals for this term. Afterwards, he will lunch with his friends in Congress and on the Supreme Court, which we're sure will have more drama than a middle school cafeteria. Then parade. Then everyone naps before the balls.

BALLS. TELL ME MORE. There are only two official ones this year but everyone in DC has been partying all weekend. There's an influx of stylish people in DC. Celebs are here. At Obama's first inauguration, 1.8 million people came from near and far to get in on the action. This time the turnout will be much lower. It's hard to keep friends for four years.

GOD, IS THAT YOU? No, but the voice you will be hearing throughout knows what's up. Announcer Charlie Brotman has given the play-by-play to every inaugural parade since Truman. Not bad. (h/t Jennifer, New York, NY)

IT'S MLK DAY, RIGHT? When the president takes the oath of office on the holiday marking Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, he will place his hand on a bible once owned by the civil rights leader. It'll be hard to escape the connection between the icon and the first black president, especially amid concern that there is not enough diversity among his Cabinet and staff. Despite that criticism, between looming budget, immigration, and gun control battles, Washington needs to get it together.

REPEAT AFTER ME...What to say when planning a girl's weekend... Get ready to bring it in the Big Easy. The Super Bowl is a'coming and the RSVPs are in: the SF 49ers stormed back from a bad start against top-seeded Atlanta Falcons to secure a win in the NFC Championship. It's been 18 years since they've seen the Bowl, probably making Coach Harbaugh quite proud. Joining them will be the Baltimore Ravens, who said peace out to the New England Patriots. Their Coach Harbaugh is quite proud. That's right HarBowl 2013 has two brothers coaching their respective teams. Game on.

What to say to show your appreciation... Thanks, but let's not get over excited. Safety comes first. On Saturday's "Gun Appreciation Day," five people were injured in accidental shootings at gun shows across the country. The accidents did not make those rallying for stricter gun laws feel any safer. Also, not bringing any comfort? A mass shooting in New Mexico, where a teenage boy was booked on charges in the deaths of two adults and three children.

What to say after you see "Zero Dark Thirty"... Torture doesn't have to be the answer. As NATO-led troops prepare to leave Afghanistan by the end of 2014, a new UN report might have everyone re-thinking that plan. According to the report, almost a third of all detainees recently transferred to Afghan control have been tortured. Adding to the mess are allegations that Afghanistan's spy agency is using secret facilities to avoid any international scoldings.

What to say when you think something's overpriced... Just be thankful you don't live in New York City or you'd really be feeling po.

What to say when you need a new book... I'm not looking for anything heavy, just some good fiction to curl up with. A library in Sydney, Australia has a few recs in the fiction section, where you can now read about Lance Armstrong. In the wake of the cyclist's doping admissions, the library has drawn a hard non-fiction line in the sand. Ouch.

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