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Let's Stay Together

THE STORY: The wonk Super Bowl known as Inauguration (or a day off) is over. President Barack Obama ushered in his second term as the 44th president of the United States.

HOW WAS HIS SPEECH? In case you ever thought Barry O was a Republican, he reminded us all he is not and laid out what (ahem, liberal things) he intends to do with his time. He went out of his way to mention gay rights (for the first time ever in an inaugural speech), climate change, and a renewed focus on the widening gap between rich and poor. The president said that we, the People, are "made for this moment" and although partisan fighting often gets in the way, it's time to act. Now.

DID HE MENTION MLK? How could he not? The president was sworn in on the civil rights leader's Bible, which the King family asked him to sign, and proclaimed that our generation must carry on what those "pioneers" began.

DID THE OBAMAS HAVE FUN? The president paused outside the Capitol after the ceremony to look at the hundreds of thousands of people and said, "I want to take a look one more time. I'm not going to see this again." The First Family lived up their last Inauguration by snapping pictures of one another as they watched the parade.

DON'T THEY GET HUNGRY? Why, yes. Nothing says fiscal responsibility like a feast among friends. At the Inaugural Luncheon with Congressional leaders, Obama said that the "irony of the presidential office" is the humility it teaches. The irony was not lost as power lunchers dined on lobster and a 3k cal meal.

WHAT DID WE LOVE? Mr. and Mrs. O getting out of their limo and walking in the parade -- twice (that's hard in heels). Beyonce and Mr. Jay to the Z, because divas don't need earpieces to sing. And Bill Clinton checking out Kelly Clarkson.

WHAT DID WE NOT LOVE? An abortion protestor screaming in a tree. No points for creativity but thank you for taking a break during Beyonce. The Jumbotrons that didn't work. And apparently no one in DC gets poetry.

AND THE BALLS. At last, we got to see them dance again while Jennifer Hudson made us all want to "stay together." We get it, they love each other.

GET TO IT. WHAT DID SHE WEAR? Sasha Fierce may have been there but Mrs. O was the star. She put on designers Thom Browne, Reed Krakkoff and even worked in some J. Crew in the daytime, but at night, she was the lady in red in Jason Wu -- again.

REPEAT AFTER ME...What to say on a date... Do you mind if I call you Captain Wales? The Prince Harry military fantasy just got real after he revealed to British press that he killed Taliban insurgents on a military tour. He explained that in combat it's sometimes justified to "take a life to save a life." The Prince apparently prefers army life to chariots and all things crumpets within the Royal world. And, unsurprisingly, he doesn't have the nicest things to say about being under the media glare. Who knew the Ginge was such a talker? Swoon.

What to say before a confrontation with your co-worker... Uh, I'm really busy the next few weeks, so let's just regroup in a few months. House Republicans are not keen on chatting about debt ceilings right now. The US has hit its borrowing limit and is therefore running on borrowed time from the Treasury department; Congress is supposed to figure out a do-or-die solution before the end of February. House GOP members took a little Inauguration break to propose a bill that would extend the government's ability to borrow--and allow the good ol' US of A to continue to pay its bills until May 19th. The move is considered strategic because it would force Democrats to panic over other fiscal deadlines, like creating a budget for April, and make some cuts to spending the GOP so desperately wants to see. #DCPartyTimeOver

What to say at a bar... I guess he's an Xbox and I'm more Atari--which is why I am drowning my sorrows. Old school isn't always lucrative and Atari has just declared bankruptcy. Atari said the move was to separate itself from its French parent company and secure some independent money. The company is shifting from traditional gaming to a more digital strategy. The game isn't necessarily over, it's just different now.

What to say after the neighbors move in... All this change is making me nervous. The Arab Spring may have come and gone, but Israel is set to have its first election today since its neighbors started making some changes. With Israel more concerned than ever about security and less hopeful about peace with Palestinians, an even more right-wing Israeli government is expected to take shape. At the top of the priority list? Dealing with Iran. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is predicted to win, but who his right hand men will be and how right they will go is yet to be determined.

What to say when someone tells you "I love you"... Let me see it in writing. That's how Sacramento fans feel about the Maloof family, who own the NBA's Kings. After teasing that the Kings were in Sacramento to stay, the Maloofs (yes, from "Housewives" fame) sold a controlling stake of the franchise to a group that plans to move the team to Seattle to -- irony alert! -- replace the Sonics, who moved to Oklahoma City in 2008. The NBA must still approve the move, but it isn't looking good for Sacramento fans. Cheer up, it rains a lot in Seattle, so there's that for the win.

SKIMM FAVOR: President Obama just laid out his thoughts for the near future. Think about your own goals and make spreading theSkimm one of them. Thank you.

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