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Quote of the Day: "I have not a problem with that because the ladies I know in West Virginia shoot very well."- Sen. Joe Manchin (WV-D) on women in combat

Things that happened to women in pants

Nobody puts Hillz in a cornerTHE STORY: Secretary Clinton gave her last big hurrah in a feisty performance at a Congressional hearing. She yelled, she teared, and she was defiant. She didn't leave holding hands with any Republicans.

THE WHAT: There was a terrorist attack in September that killed four Americans in Libya. After much talk, Congress is holding hearings to figure out how the attack could have happened and why enough wasn't done to prevent it. Clinton made an appearance after having had to delay her testimony due to a health scare last month. She was welcomed back by Senator John McCain (R-AZ) who began his questions by saying, "It's wonderful to see you in good health and as combative as ever." And that was as friendly as it got.

AWKWARD. WHAT DID SHE SAY? She took responsibility for the attack and argued with Republicans that figuring out the exact trigger for the attack was besides the point now that four Americans were dead. She also fought back tears when she described receiving the caskets of the fallen.

THE WHY (DO I NEED TO SKIMM?): This wasn't the ideal way for a likely 2016 candidate to go out. But then again Clintons tend to go out with a bang. The silver lining? America still loves her. Republican sighs are heard around the globe.

Annie get your gun and bring it to the frontTHE STORY: If you needed another reason not to mess with a woman in uniform, you have one. The Pentagon is lifting a ban and will now allow women to serve in combat. Boom.

THE WHY (DO I NEED TO SKIMM?) History is about to be made and hundreds of thousands of front line jobs are about to open. While officially, women have been banned from positions in the infantry and artillery units, in the last decade of war women have continuously found themselves in combat, with some losing their lives. It's not all fair in war though, as the ban lift will take some time to roll out and some jobs may still be unavailable to women. BUT -- it's a big move by outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. And probably just scored him some points with his wife.

REPEAT AFTER ME...What to say when you're on the couch... I can't help myself, I feel the truth coming out. Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o sat down with Katie Couric and admitted that he lied about his online GF, but only after learning she was not a real person. Huh? Te'o maintains he had nothing to do with a hoax that has taken the Internet by storm and really thought his beloved online pal died in September. But there was media interest and pressure galore in his sob story so, he asked Katie, "What would you do?" We're not Jesus but umm, probably meet my boyfriend in the flesh before proclaiming our love to national media. Just a thought.

What to say when you're caught talking about someone... Don't be confused, I'm talking about you because I hate you. North Korea is back at it with the threats and wants to be very clear that any nuclear tests or long-range rockets it fires is in fact targeted at its enemy, the US of A. The isolated nation has threatened to wage a "full-fledged confrontation" against the U.S. for what it calls continued hostility. The hostility in question is new sanctions from the UN for North Korea's rocket launch last month. They could have just sent a fruit basket to congratulate Obama on his new term.

What to say after a loss... Give me answers. The family of Junior Seau, the former linebacker who committed suicide, has sued the NFL. The family claims that his death was the result of a brain disease (CTE) caused by violent hits, like the kind you get when a large man tries to knock you over for a ball, which can cause depression. The wrongful death suit blames the NFL for failing to protect players and omitting the dangers associated with getting hit in the head over and over again. We'd say protect your head, but the helmet maker Riddell is also named in the suit.

What to say when Siri messes up your calendar... No wonder no one wants to hang out with you anymore! Apple's first-quarter earnings disappointed, as they posted barely any profit growth and the slowest increase in sales since '09. Shares fell like the Apple was rotten. They are trying to fend off Samsung from edging in on their turf, but that's hard to do with high production costs. Putting the i in Phone isn't cheap and cutting back production orders wouldn't be a comforting sign of demand. Netflix had a much better day because it got to announce a surprise profit and lots of new subscribers. Good for them. iWatchMarathons.

What to say when you can't feel your toes... Body heat is really the only logical way to survive this awful cold front. So let's get naked and warm up. A new study says that although condoms get a bad rap (for being awkward to put on, embarrassing to buy, and sometimes leading to softer pastures without happy endings), they're not a barrier to good sex -- people like sex just fine with the glove on. Is everyone OK with 'fine'? Because theSkimm truth detector isn't buying it.

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BIRTHDAYS:  Barbara Hodgson (Bakersfield, CA); Carol Schulweis (New York, NY); Caroline Lane (Baltimore, MD); Kate Foley (New York, NY); Skylar Falter (Lincoln, NE); Samantha Allen (New York, NY)

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