Skimm for January 29th

Quote of the Day: "Where are you registered?"--theSkimms to Syrian President Assad's pregnant wife.

Things You Just Don't Say:

"So, ARE you gay?"THE STORY: The Boy Scouts of America is reconsidering its ban on gay members and troop leaders. They said something about learning to tie bows instead of knots.

THE WHY (DO I NEED TO SKIMM?): The decision would leave it up to the different religious and civic groups that sponsor Scout units to decide how down with the gays they are. Apparently, the grownup Boy Scouts woke up and realized it's 2013. The new policy would go against a commitment made only 7 months ago that the Scout way is the straight way.

"Give me money!"THE STORY: A watchdog group discovered someone needed to watch the government a little more closely when the Treasury decided it would be a good idea to give raises to companies that received major bailouts during the financial crisis. Wrong move.

THE WHY (DO I NEED TO SKIMM?): After the crisis, AIG, Ally Financial and General Motors were among the firms that needed a government pick me up -- to the tune of $250 billion. Turns out that wasn't enough of a reason for the government to deny CEOs a little somethin' somethin' last year. The watchdog discovered that the Treasury ignored its own guidelines and approved 18 requests for paydays from $100,000 to $1 million. Tax payers no like.

"It's cool if we eavesdrop, right?"THE STORY: Al Qaeda-linked groups in northwest Africa are on the international community's mind. The US is now preparing to establish a drone base in that part of the continent. Meanwhile, the French are working hard to shut down al Qaeda-backed militant groups in Mali.

THE WHY (DO I NEED TO SKIMM?): US & friends are concerned that al Qaeda militants will use northwest Africa as a base to launch attacks against Western interests. The US drone base would likely be for unarmed surveillance, for now, but anytime a drone is mentioned, you've got to wonder if strikes are in the future. The decision is meant to help our French friends who are working hard to eliminate a terror threat in Mali. This news coupled with France's recent seizure of Timbuktu, show the terror-watch GPS is on high alert.

REPEAT AFTER ME...What to say on a date... If you make me sing "Hail to the Victors," it's over. I get it, everyone's excited because the UMich Wolverines are  ranked number one  in the AP's college basketball poll for the first time in 20 years. Not since the  Fab Five  (not a "How I Met Your Mother" reference but arguably the most memorable team in college basketball history, who challenged the status quo and rocked some serious shorts) days of yore have they been this high up but they'll be tested by Northwestern this week. You're my boy, Blue! (h/t Alex Feldman, Chicago, IL)

What to say while winter shopping... But if the glove kind of fits, can you indict? Turns out not so much in the JonBenet Ramsey case. New reports say a grand jury believed there was enough evidence in 1999 to indict the little beauty queen's parents, John and (the now deceased) Patsy Ramsey, on charges relating to their six-year-old's still-unsolved killing. JonBenet was found dead in her family's home on Christmas Day 1996. All eyes were on her parents, who insisted an intruder did it. The case is still open but the trail is ice-cold. Nearly 17 years and many bad TV movies later, justice is still needed.

What to say when there's nothing good on... In today's episode of 'people who make more money than you for no discernible reason,' Kris Jenner is getting a test run at her very  own TV show  this summer. "Kris," because any other name would be out of the question, will run on select Fox-owned stations as a one-hour talk show about fashion, beauty, and general life stuff. We would come up with three other 'k' adjectives but that would be kreepy. We hope  Barbara Walters, who is in the hospital with a case of the chicken pox, is released soon so we have something to look forward to watching.

SKIMM FAVOR:  We just told you about Dolce & Gabbana making an infant perfume. Yup, that happened. So do us a kindness and pass theSkimm on.

BIRTHDAYS: Jessica Tannenbaum (New York, NY); Tess Caras (Chicago, IL); Kelly Delaney (New York, NY); Sophia Blair (Philadelphia, PA); Pam Fogel (New York, NY); Taylor Pettis (Bloomsburg, PA); Elise Merriman (Brooklyn, NY); Angela Falco (New York, NY)

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