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Suits & Ties (and Dresses)

THE STORY: The music industry had its big night out at the 55th Grammy Awards, otherwise known as the night Justin Timberlake took back the mic. About time.

THE WINNERS PLEASE... fun.; Gotye; Frank Ocean; Kelly Clarkson; The Black Keys; Adele; Carrie Underwood; Mumford & Sons.

WHO SANG TO US AND DID A GOOD JOB? The Lumineers; Carrie Underwood and the technicolor dream dress; the all-star tribute to Bob Marley; Miguel; Rihanna singing a personal page out of her diary in front of Chris Brown; the all-star tribute to Levon Helm; host LL Cool J going back to his rap roots; and Justin Timberlake.

AS IN MR. JT? Yes, that one and he cleans up real nice. Bud Light Platinum's new creative director made us want to drink in all the Justin Timberlake Kool-Aid we can get. JT showed us that sexy had never left, it was just reinvigorated with a vintage vibe, as he and Jay-Z performed their new single, "Suit & Tie."

WHAT MADE US UNCOMFORTABLE?: Taylor Swift reminding everyone again what happens when you break up with her (hint: clowns will haunt you) and later on dancing in her seat--a lot; LL Cool J teaching everyone at home what social media is; Chris Brown being the only one not to give a standing ovation to rival Frank Ocean; singer Kimbra, who dressed up like Tinker Bell.

FINALLY, WHO LOOKED BANGIN'? Everyone who ignored CBS's dress code: Kelly Rowland (an ad for triple stick tape); Rihanna (that girl looked on fire); Katy Perry (and her two guests)

GUEST SKIMM: It's Fashion Week time.

Skimm'd by Stacey Bendet, CEO + Creative Director, alice + olivia by Stacey Bendet

What is Fashion Week? It's [over] 168 hours of continuous parties filled with people in really fancy shoes, really, really fancy clothes, and fun colored hair. As a designer, it's when you show a selection of your collection for the next season via a runway show or presentation.

How much work goes into it? More than a few sleepless nights.

Why is Fashion Week important? It helps creates trends for the next season. You know, like Davos does for [business].

How long do you take to prepare? We pretty much start on the next collection the day after the show! I actually leave for Paris the day after our presentation to buy fabric for the next season.

What do you hope to gain? I just try to make beautiful clothes. (And shoes. And bags. And occasionally tutus for champagne bottles).

REPEAT AFTER ME...What to say when someone does shoddy work... I'll just do it myself. The Paterno family, as in JoePa's, ripped apart the July 2012 Freeh report (named for the former FBI director that compiled it) for being loaded with disputed allegations, bias, and personal opinions. So the family commissioned its own report. The Paterno family's findings target pretty much every conclusion the Freeh report makes about former football coach Paterno in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. The Freeh report had found Paterno and some others conducted a cover-up of allegations regarding Sandusky's affinity for little boys. After Penn State trustees accepted the Freeh report, the school, which had fired Paterno after 46 years as head coach, went on to have unprecedented sanctions placed against its football program by the NCAA.

What to say when someone asks for a favor... "No confirmation without information." Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) threatened to hold up President Obama's nominees to head the CIA and Defense department unless he gets more answers about what happened surrounding the attack on the Benghazi consulate in September. Graham alleges that we know nothing about what the president did that night and had he called the Libyan government, American lives could have been saved.

What to say at a bar... Never forget about the 3%. Die hard Maker's Mark fans are feeling neglected after the bourbon producer said there just wasn't enough to go around and changes were to be made. Too much of a Maker's demand has forced the distillery to spread out the goods and go from a 90 proof drink to an 84 proof--which means a 3% drop in alcohol by volume. While, no one seems to be concerned as to why the demand for bourbon has gone up so much (get it together, people), everyone is concerned about what would happen if there wasn't enough Bourbon to make the world go 'round. And round. And hungover.

What people are still horrified by... Christopher Dorner. The ex-cop seeking vengeance for his firing from the LAPD is still on the run after over a week. Dorner has shot and killed three people, published a scary manifesto and sent disturbing notes to many celebs. LA's police chief said domestic terrorism like this would not be tolerated and posted a $1 million reward to lead to Dorner's capture.

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