Skimm for February 22nd

Quote of the Day: "I did not kill Kathleen!" --Ex-cop Drew Peterson, who was sentenced to 38 years in prison for murdering his third wife.

Meet Q: Single & Aggressive

THE STORY: The groundhog lied and winter is not over. A mean storm, named Q, is making its way through the middle of the nation.

THE WHAT: If you've never wondered about what life would be like on a sunny island, now would be a good time to pack and leave. A powerful storm is dumping snow and ice, and warnings are issued from eastern Colorado through Virginia.

WHO'S ABOUT TO HAVE A BAD WEEKEND? Arizona and California have already gotten some powder. Kansas City's airport has been shut down and hundreds of flights have been canceled across the country. Missouri is under a state of emergency and parts of Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Kansas have been greeted by more than a foot of snow and freezing rain (good time to stay home). The western Great Lakes are next and then a weaker new storm is expected to wreck the East Coast's weekend.

THE WHY (DO I NEED TO SKIMM?): Winter is being rude. About 60 million people, across 20 states, are under bad weather watches. This storm could be the worst in the central US since the Groundhog Day blizzard of 2011, which left hundreds of thousands powerless and killed dozens. Silver lining? Snow means water, which will help droughts in parts of the country.

REPEAT AFTER ME...What not to do before an HR review... Break all the rules. Iran is set to have a new round of talks with the West next week about its nuclear program -- the one it says it wants for peaceful purposes (many would say that's doubtful). A new report though, from international nuclear inspectors, says that the country has begun installing advanced centrifuges at its main uranium enrichment plant. The problem? The updates could enable it to produce nuclear fuel much, much faster. If the program is not in fact peaceful, this is a big problem. In an interesting twist, inspectors believe Iran is actually slowing some of its enrichment growth down, so as to avoid the day Israel likes to call the "red line"-- a potential point of no return. Nothing like some diplomatic teasing and panic attacks to get the weekend started.

What to say while grocery shopping... I'm starting to have doubts if Apple is really my favorite. Google is hot on Apple and Microsoft's tails with its newest product -- a touchscreen laptop that moves the G into a better spot with hardware and high-end (read: expensive) markets. The Pixel is way pricier than other Google Chromebooks. Pixel's design -- hidden screws, a responsive keyboard depending on your typing style, and ability to mute typing noises (there is a God!) -- is almost as cool as Google's other new toy, Glass. The futuristic Internet connected glasses may get the hipster treatment as the company is in talks with Warby Parker. When does Warby Barker get some?

What to say while looking at your paycheck... Well that's disappointing. The top ten largest airlines in the US have a similar reaction to their combined 2012 profits. The grand total? $152 million. That's it. From ten big companies that fly. The amount was released by a trade group that blames the meager results on an increase in maintenance material, fuel, labor and other costs. I now sort of kind of understand being charged for carry-on and broken headphones.

What to say when your mom sets you up... Don't use me to try to get closer to Babs. Barbra Streisand's stepson is now single and ready to mingle and women of all ages are on alert. Actors Josh Brolin and Diane Lane are divorcing after eight years together that included an Oscar nomination and arrests for Brolin for spousal battery and public intoxication. Time for Diane to hit the dating scene "Unfaithful" style. Get it gurl.

What to say when you want to surprise people... I'm going to follow in the footsteps of J.C. Penney. The struggling department store went in a haute new direction by announcing a collaboration with Marchesa's Georgina Chapman. Pearl by Georgina Chapman of Marchesa will be more of a collab (and a mouthful) with the brand's founder than the brand itself, offering formalwear dresses from $70-$100. Does this mean Georgina's husband Harvey Weinstein will be shopping for his Oscar tux at the Penney?

SKIMM'R OF THE WEEK: Moira Forbes Mumma (Phoenixville, PA) who helped found the Phoenixville Community Coalition 22 years ago. As a community leader, she figured out a way to bring together six local non-profit organizations in order to save resources and share funds to help serve everyone from the homeless to parents looking for affordable childcare. Bringing more donated dollars into the hands of organizations who need it most? Works for us.

BIRTHDAYS: Nicole Cook (Emmetsburg, IA); Camille Iman Mason (Oakland, CA); Lizzie Cohen; Michelle Berman (New York, NY); Caryn Schoenbeck (Chicago, IL); Cherry Sailors (Canton, GA); Liz Cohen (New York, NY); Maurica Hurley (Naples, FL); Rohit Nagpal (New York, NY); Shelley Price (Oroville, CA); Stefan Schropp (Chapel Hill, NC); Lauren Drell (New York, NY)

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