round #1

the pre-screen

You’ve been making a presidential wannabe list and checking it twice. This is when voters decide who gets a second round interview for the job.

Feb 1


Iowa caucuses

Primary season kicks off in Iowa...with caucuses. Skimm the difference here. BFD since whoever comes out on top will get lots of attention ahead of the other primaries.

Feb 6


Republican debate

It’s the GOP’s final face-off before the NH primary. The ones who didn’t get any Iowa love will be desperate to make a big impression.

Feb 9


New Hampshire primary

Runners-up from the Iowa caucuses are aiming for a comeback.

Feb 11


Democratic debate

Iowa and NH are in. Whoever’s got momentum will be looking to grab the ‘front runner’ title before next week’s caucus in NV.

Feb 13


Republican debate

The GOP candidates are in SC, y'all. Big deal, since a primary happens here next week.

Feb 20


South Carolina Republican primary

Aka the “first in the South” primary. It’s do or get ready to drop out time.

Feb 20


Dems caucus in Nevada

What happens in Nevada doesn't stay in Nevada. It's the last big election contest before Super Tuesday.

Feb 23


GOP caucuses in Nevada

What happens in Nevada doesn't stay in Nevada. It's the last big election contest before Super Tuesday.

Feb 25


Republican debate

Last chance to make a big impression before Super Tuesday.

Feb 27


South Carolina Democratic primary

The Dems head down South. It’s do or get ready to drop out time.

Mar 1


Super Tuesday

A political bonanza. When a bunch of states head to the polls to make their pick. After today, the # of candidates still standing will get a lot smaller.

Mar 3


Republican debate

The first GOP debate post-Super Tuesday. Expect the stage to look a lot less crowded.

Mar 6


Democratic debate

Hillz and Bernie face off in Flint, MI two days before the state votes. Reminder: Flint is the city going through an epic water crisis.

Mar 9


Democratic debate

Hillz and Bern go head-to-head before a lot of key states hit the polls.

March 10


Republican debate

Round 11 for the GOP candidates still standing before big states vote next week (think: Ohio, Florida).

March 15


Florida primary

The Sunshine State heads to the polls. Remember the 2000 election? What happens in Florida can decide who sits in the White House.

March 15


Ohio primary

Oh me oh my-oh, would you look at Ohio heading to the polls. This is the state that handed President Obama the win in 2012. It's kind of a big deal.

March 15


North Carolina primary

NC's a shwing state. Election nerds will be studying these stats to try to read the tea leaves for what'll happen in November.

Round #2

The candidates

And then there were two. Now’s when each party puts a ring on a candidate and a Veep, and all the single ladies go home. There will be debates. Yes, more debates.

July 18-21


GOP National Convention

The Republicans are coming, the Republicans are coming! Party’s in Cleveland, OH. There will be balloons. They’ll be announcing the party's platform and officially nominating a candidate.

July 25-28


Dem National Convention

It’s Donkey Kong in Philadelphia, PA. There will be balloons here too. And picking a top candidate to maybe go all the way to the White House.

Sep 8


theSkimm’s Voter Registration Deadline

You have to hire a president soon. Make sure you're registered to vote.

Sep 26


First presidential debate

The top two are set. Now it’s time for their first face-off. Dun dun dun.

Oct 4


Vice presidential debate

The Robins take center stage. They’ll be aiming to show their strengths wherever their Batmans are weak.

Oct 9


Second presidential debate

Less than one month to election day. The candidates will have to answer to any big doubts that Americans still have about their job skills.

Oct 19


Third presidential debate

Last chance dance for the candidates to show why they’re ready to be Miss or Mr. America. No pressure.

Round #3

The job offer

E-Day. Time to hire a new president. Psst...make sure you’re registered to vote.

Nov 8


Election Day

You’ve read their resumes. You’ve seen them in action. Now’s time to give the final rose to a candidate.