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"Il pesto è bueno" - An Italian airport is relaxing the liquid carry-on rule. But only for pesto. Herb your enthusiasm. 


The Story

Yesterday, GOP senators said 'ta da' and released the first draft of their healthcare bill.

How'd we get here?

For years, the GOP's been trying to repeal and replace Obamacare. Now, they have control of Congress and the White House. Time to git 'er done. Last month, the House passed its version of the bill and sent it to the Senate. Ever since, a small group of senators have been taking a red pen to it. Yesterday was the first time everyone got a good look at their work.

So what's in it?

Lots of things. Here are the highlights: the bill would cap federal funding for Medicaid – the program that helps low-income Americans pay for healthcare. And scrap the 'individual mandate' that requires everyone buy health insurance. It also rolls back some tax credits that help lower and middle-income people pay for coverage. And gets rid of taxes on high-income Americans that helped pay for Obamacare. But it keeps the rule that insurance companies can't charge people more if they have pre-existing conditions.

What are people saying?

President Trump says the bill needs a little work but it's "going to be very good." But at least four GOP senators say this doesn't go far enough to roll back Obamacare. Democrats don't like it, including former President Obama, who says this would only help the "richest people in America."

So what's next?

The Congressional Budget Office – a nonpartisan group that estimates the impact of new bills – will grade it. Then the Senate will make some edits before voting on the bill before July 4th. Next up, the House has to agree before it goes to the president's inbox.


When the House passed its version, GOP senators signaled they were going to start fresh and make it their own. Instead we got a bill that looks a lot like the first one.


What to say when your co-worker wants to skip out on an important staff meeting…

Can't do that. Yesterday, the Supreme Court made it harder for the US government to take away a person's citizenship. This case centers around a Bosnian Serb who entered the US as a refugee in the late '90s and became an American citizen in 2007. It came out that in her immigration process, she lied to US officials and told them her husband never fought in the Bosnian civil war. But he did. So the gov charged her with getting her citizenship illegally. They argued that any lie under oath, no matter how small, means you no longer get to be an American citizen. She argued that her lie was irrelevant to getting citizenship. But a jury disagreed and she was deported. Eventually the case made it to the Supremes. They say someone's citizenship can't be taken away for lying, unless the lie affected whether they were granted citizenship in the first place. Now she could get a new trial.

What to say when your co-worker orders pizza for the team…

I'll have a piece. Yesterday, it came out that the state-owned Qatar Airways wants to buy over $800 million worth of American Airlines stock. And American is not happy about it. Recently, American and other US airlines have thrown major shade at Gulf carriers, including Qatar Airways, for getting a leg up in the industry thanks to subsidies from their governments. And that this makes them unfair competitors. Qatar Airways says 'we don't get subsidies.' The potential investment comes as the airline's been trying to expand into the US. The company says it sees the deal as an A+ investment opp. But American is saying 'hmmm makes no sense' because the two airlines are major rivals. Meanwhile, Qatar is also in the middle of some diplomatic drama with its neighbors. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, and the UAE all recently cut off diplomatic ties with the country. Including cutting off flights between the countries. Many say this is just Qatar Airways' attempt to offset losses back at home. Fasten your seatbelt.

What people are talking about...

Grenfell Tower. Last week, dozens of people died when the high-rise apartment building in London caught fire and was destroyed. It later came out that a certain flammable material on the building might have been responsible for how quickly the flames spread. Now, Britain is double checking hundreds of high-rise buildings across the country...and has so far found at least seven that are covered in a similar material. At Grenfell Tower, which recently went through a renovation, the construction company allegedly OK'd the use of this material because it was cheaper. Meanwhile, the UK gov's been getting a lot of side eye for how it's handled the crisis, especially since it's come out that the tower's residents had repeatedly complained to local officials about the building being a fire hazard. The gov's still working on finding homes for the displaced residents. And trying to figure out what to do with the other buildings. 

What to say when your friend hosts a game night...

Put me on a good team. Last night, the NBA drafted its newest class of ballers. University of Washington's Markelle Fultz went no. 1 to the Philadephia 76ers. No surprise there. UCLA's Lonzo Ball is staying at the beach. And Duke's Jayson Tatum is brushing up on his Boston accent. Swish swish.

What to say to your friend who always checks her horoscope...

Ground control to Major Paltrow.


"Our Little Racket" by Angelica Baker  

We all know the financial crisis. Now picture what it might have been like for a bank CEO who took a lot of the blame. Then picture what that was like for the women in his life. This read is "The Big Short" meets "The Wizard of Lies" but focused on the ladies. Get it here.


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