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"Heat Dome" – This season's Polar Vortex, and why you feel like you're living the chorus of a Nelly song. 



Last night, Donald Trump and the Republican party sealed the deal to the soundtrack of "USA," "lock her up" and "build the wall" chants.


Quieter. First, Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel (hint: PayPal, Facebook) hit the stage to say he's proud to be gay and a Republican. Yes, that's a first. Then Trump's daughter Ivanka intro'd her dad. Another Trump kid, another good speech. Possibly with the help of a wind machine. Her mission was to show her "fellow millennials" that Trump cares about them. Especially the ladies. That means things like equal pay and childcare...things Republicans don't usually green light. But Trump does, and "has made it a practice at his company."


A lot. The Donald gave the longest acceptance speech in recent history.

Law & in he's worried about 'Murica. Trump says police deaths have risen by almost 50% from this time last year, and homicides are up across the country. He wants to channel Olivia Benson and weed out terrorists and criminals. Especially the ones who are also illegal immigrants in he wants to make walls great again, and temporarily suspend immigration from countries that have been "compromised by terrorism."

The in he's a billionaire businessman who's been in the room where it happens. He said he's not-so-into economic or environmental regulations, and that he'll lift them to create lots of new jobs. in Trump would put a stop to trade deals involving large squads of countries (looking at you, TPP) and only deal one-on-on from now on. He says that'll make it easier to protect US jobs and stand up to nations who cheat.

The in he'll "fix" it. in he does not like. He talked about fan favorites like her private email server as Sec. of State and her handling of Benghazi. He added "this is the legacy of Hillary Clinton: death, destruction and weakness." Tell us how you really feel.


This convention was a bumpy ride logistically (see: balloon drop delay), and when it came to getting the whole party on the same page. But last night, Trump hit all the points that drew record numbers of GOP voters to him in the first place. He's speaking for a lot of frustrated people, and promising change. Prediction: you'll hear the words "law and order" – a lot – from now until November.

THE *: Today, Hillz is gearing up to name her Veep. And then they'll have a convention. We'll be watching.



My week is still going better than Brazil's. Yesterday, authorities in Brazil arrested 10 people who were allegedly planning terrorist attacks around next month's Olympics in Rio. They're suspected of being in a group that supports ISIS. The good news: they apparently haven't been in direct contact with the terror group, and one official described them as "absolutely amateur." The bad news: this adds 'security fears' to the list of reasons Brazil is a hot mess. See: Zika virus, contaminated water, President Dilma Rousseff's impeachment drama. And the Olympics are only two weeks away. Great timing. Meanwhile, Russia's track and field team is officially, officially banned from going to Rio over a doping scandal. Putin on a sad face.


Boy, bye. Yesterday, 21st Century Fox announced that Fox News CEO and Chairman Roger Ailes is stepping down. Rupert Murdoch – the 85-year-old billionaire mogul who controls 21st Century Fox and by extension Fox News – is going to fill the top job. Earlier this month, former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Ailes, claiming she was fired after refusing to have sex with him. Since the lawsuit became public, more than a dozen women – reportedly including Fox News star Megyn Kelly – have come forward with sexual harassment claims against him. So now, Ailes is out. He's been in charge since he co-founded Fox News 20 years ago. And it's been the most-watched cable news channel for almost as long. Now, he reportedly has a $40 million severance package that should help ease the transition into retirement.

PS: 21st Century Fox is a minority investor in theSkimm.


North Miami, FL. Earlier this week, an unarmed black man named Charles Kinsey was shot by police while he says he was lying on the ground with his hands in the air. He's recovering in the hospital from shots to the leg. Kinsey is a behavior therapist, and was in the middle of the street trying to calm an autistic patient who had wandered from their group home when police arrived. The officers say they were responding to a 911 call about a man with a gun threatening to kill himself. They ordered Kinsey and the patient, who was in the street playing with a toy truck, to the ground. A witness video shows Kinsey repeatedly trying to explain the situation, and telling the officers that he and his patient were unarmed. One officer eventually shot Kinsey in the leg multiple times. This comes after weeks of racially charged killings involving police and black men. The Justice Department says it's working with officials in North Miami to decide whether it needs to get more involved.


Seitan: Not the devil. Unless you're gluten-free. It's a meat substitute made from gluten. Your vegetarian friends have been eating it for years. And yes, it 'tastes like chicken.'


"Homegoing" by Yaa Gyasi

Meet the beach read you'll actually want to admit to having in your bag. Follows an African-American family through centuries and touches on everything from the Civil War to the jazz clubs of Harlem. Think: "Roots" meets "Americanah." Bonus: it's written by a 26-year-old, and it set off a big-time bidding war among publishers.


Skimm'ologist says to put down the rosé and sip on this light Spanish red. Because a little summer variety looks grape on you. Bonus: the bottle and shipping are just $19. Olé. 

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