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Skimm Ahead for your calendar

Yay cups Yay. What's In It?

Skimm Ahead is a subscription service that gives you all the info you need for the future. Call us your Magic 8 ball. Never again will you wonder when Beyoncé tickets go on sale, what time the State of the Union is on, or when your favorite show is back on Netflix. It's like your calendar ate a smart cookie.

Cookie cookie You had me at cookie...

Same. But seriously though...Skimm Ahead can integrate directly into your iPhone calendar. It's magic.

Skimm Ahead for your calendar Skimm Ahead free trial!

Dollarsign pay Do I have to pay?

Yes. Don't give me that look. It's $2.99/month, that's less than what you pay at Starbucks a day. Plus, you can download it and get the first 3 months free, because we're nice like that.

Bee annoying Is it going to be annoying?

No. And we're offended you asked.

Skimm Ahead free trial!
The Daily Skimm comes with theSkimm for iPhone

Coffee dailyskimm What about the Daily Skimm?

Not going anywhere. The Daily Skimm is still free and in your inbox and it's still the first thing you should wake up with M-F. Added bonus, you can also read it in theSkimm for iPhone.