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There are good guys, bad guys, and these guys. Welcome to Terror 101.


al-Qaeda...The Godfather of terror groups. Founded by Osama bin Laden in the late ‘80s, and responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Its goals are to install Islamic governments, and get rid of any Western influence along the way. Post 9/11, the West fought back -- and since then, most of al-Qaeda’s leadership has been taken down, and the group has become less centralized. Now, it’s more focused on its “affiliates” around the world.

Taliban...Afghanistan has 99 problems and the Taliban is number one. This is the Islamic extremist group that basically ran Afghanistan in the 90s and that -- bonus! -- the CIA actually once backed. It also provided a safe-haven to al-Qaeda, which is why the US took the group down after the 9/11 attacks. Since then, the Taliban has re-grouped in rural Afghanistan and across the border in Pakistan, where it enforces lovely things like no school for women.’s affiliates in Yemen and Saudi Arabia got married and called themselves al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula -- or AQAP. They claimed responsibility for this year’s terror attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris and are considered one of the biggest threats to the West. That, plus Yemen’s brewing civil war, has put the group on everyone’s radar.’s Somali cousins. You know them as the ones responsible for the mall attack in Kenya’s capital in 2013, and the attack that just killed 148 people on a college campus there. Al-Shabab’s MO? Enforcing Islam, while killing others along the way -- in the college attack, the gunmen targeted Christians.

al-Nusra Front...A Syrian rebel group that got together to fight President Bashar al-Assad. It’s also pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda. They’re in the awkward position of wanting to appeal to Syrians, while also staying loyal to a group that many Syrians hate. And speaking of…

ISIS...or ISIL or IS. It’s the P. Diddy of terror groups, always changing to a worse name. Al-Qaeda decided last year that it was too extreme to hang out with. So there’s that. Since then, it’s been running point in Iraq, Syria, and has a growing presence in other places, including Yemen. It’s been grabbing territory, terrorizing minorities, and beheading Westerners, while attempting to build an Islamic State. This led the US and friends to move in with airstrikes.

Boko Haram...Attention hogs based in Nigeria. The group’s killed more than 10,000 people there in the last year. It’s also infamous for kidnapping more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls last year. The gov. hasn’t had much luck fighting the group. Which helps explain why Nigeria’s president just lost re-election.

Hamas...A Palestinian militant group that doubles as a political party. It controlled the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian territory, for years. The group’s platform? Destroy Israel, and establish a Palestinian state. No surprise, this hasn’t gone over well with Israel. The two have a long history of violence and war. Iran’s been Hamas's longtime sugar daddy, despite a falling out for a few years.

Hezbollah...All roads lead to Iran with this Lebanon-based group. Iran backs Syria’s President Assad, so Hezbollah does too. Iran wants Israel gone, so Hezbollah does too. Hint: follow the money.

Haqqani Network...They’re the Sopranos of terrorism -- a family-run insurgent group with ties to Afghanistan and Pakistan. They also own car dealerships and construction companies. Known for attacks on westerners in Afghanistan. Also has ties to the Taliban and al-Qaeda

Khorasan Group...The al-Qaeda All Stars tour. Operates out of Syria and run by one of bin Laden’s ex-BFFs (although it's unclear if he is alive or dead). It’s considered a big, scary deal because the group is focused on recruiting Westerners to carry out terror plots back home.


The West has spent trillions fighting terrorism, and unfortunately, taking out a group’s leaders doesn’t take out a movement.