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Skimm for October 11th
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Quote of the day: "When she goes to Paris, she goes for her Marlene Dietrich look. She loved a black beret." -- Designer L'Wren Scott on her 11-year old dog, Star. Star made Vanity Fair's Best Dressed designer pet list. Lucky bitch.

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THE STORY: Government? Still closed. There's no deal, but there is an agreement about one thing. Everyone wants to keep talking. Bravo!

CATCH ME UP, I GUESS. The government is closed because Congress could not agree on a spending bill. Republicans, pushed by certain very conservative members, wanted it to include defunding/delaying Obamacare, to which Dems said no. Also at issue, Congress has until October 17th to raise the country's borrowing limit, at which point the Treasury says the government will run out of money to pay its bills. Not raising this limit means the US could really default, meaning potential global market panic. In the past, the debt ceiling has routinely been raised.

AND WHERE'S THE HOPE? House Republicans and the president are talking. At a meeting at Obama's house, a group of top House Republicans presented a plan to extend the borrowing limit for six weeks. In exchange, they want negotiations on how to really tackle the country's spending problems.

WHAT DOES THE PRESIDENT THINK? Obama didn't say yes and didn't say no. He did make it clear that he wants to get the government back up and running, not just a debt ceiling deal. So they'll also talk about trying to do that, while the Senate works on its own plans. Earlier, Obama said he could be open to the House GOP plan, but it must be kept 'clean' -- meaning no Republican wish list included. Until now, Obama has refused to negotiate unless the government is reopened and debt ceiling raised. Republicans, on the other hand, have said all of that must come without Obamacare and/or with spending cuts. So talking is a good sign.

IF THE PLAN PASSES, ARE WE OK? It's unclear how much support there is for this plan, especially because it would NOT open the government. And there's one area that could be tricky. It may seek to ban the Treasury from using "extraordinary measures," long used tricks which extend the time the Treasury can continue borrowing and paying the bills while Congress argues about raising the debt ceiling. That means Nov. 22nd will REALLY be the debt limit deadline. Happy Thanksgiving!

theSKIMM: If you were stuck on a desert island, it's still doubtful that Congress could figure out how to get you off. But this breakthrough is a breakthrough of sorts -- or it could just turn into a big low just in the time for the holiday season.

REPEAT AFTER ME...What to say at a family dinner... British scientists just made me very excited about mice. According to a study in the Science Translational Medicine journal, researchers say they've developed a drug that could be a major breakthrough in treatment for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other diseases you don't want. When mice, induced with a disease, were injected with the drug, they had no symptoms. But it still faces years and years of testing. On humans. A different group of researchers are claiming that early stage Alzheimer's can be diagnosed through a peanut butter test. If you're not able to smell peanut butter out of your left nostril, it's not looking good.

What to say when you overdraw your bank account... But it wasn't my fault. Long-suffering and bankrupt Detroit got a moment yesterday to place some blame. The city's former mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, was sentenced to 28 years in prison for a laundry list of corrupt things. Mr. Kilpatrick was convicted last spring on two dozen counts of gems like racketeering, extortion, and helping a contractor friend get millions in city work. In 2001, Kilpatrick was made the city's youngest mayor and was considered to have a bright national future ahead, but his penchant for getting into trouble and mixed up in scandals ended his career just as the financial crisis hit. Hard. Kilpatrick's team said he was being made the scapegoat for Detroit's problems and wasn't the main culprit behind the bankruptcy. He said he's sorry.

What to say when you see your job replacement... I do it better than you. BlackBerry's co-founders are not enjoying seeing everyone pick on their creation. The Berry's fall from grace has been well documented and in August, it put itself up for sale. Berry's biggest shareholder, Fairfax Financial Holdings, was working to take it over. But then the rumors came that the deal might not happen and that no one else was serious about going Berry picking. Now the co-founders may try to make a bid for the whole shebang, as they've hired partners to determine what strategic options they have. The two control 8% of the company. The duo is looking towards "stabilizing and ultimately reinventing the company based on a plan developed by them." Which may be used only by them.

What to say when your mom tells you you're special... Apparently just not Nobel. The biggest annual 'wow I do nothing' wake up call was announced today, the Nobel Peace Prize. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons won. OPCW is currently the group in Syria destroying President Assad's stockpile. It's safe to say the committee is not a fan of chemical weapons. Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teenager shot by the Taliban last year for her advocacy of girls' education and who left Jon Stewart speechless this week, had been considered by many to be the front-runner. But when you're up against an international watchdog or the pope, as some also thought he could win, competition is fierce. Yesterday, the prize in Literature was announced and awarded to Alice Munro, the renowned Canadian short-story writer.

What to say while fantasizing about your upcoming couch/TV watchathon... Glee. Last night, Lea Michele had real tears on "Glee." The show, where spontaneous dance numbers are not only welcomed but required, had its much-anticipated goodbye tribute to Cory Monteith. Tears. Monteith passed away over the summer due to a lethal combo of heroin and alcohol.

SKIMM'R OF THE WEEK: Bethany Kandel (New York, NY), who after successfully battling the disease, launched Recognizing what an expensive disease cancer can be, the site is meant to be an extensive resource to point patients towards free products provided by different organizations. Think wigs, hats, transportation, or even house cleaning. Bethany shares Skimm'r of the Week with all of those who've stood strong against the disease.

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