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skimm the vote


THE STORY President Obama’s been trying to put out lots of geopolitical fires over the last eight years. And Congress has been mostly using its ‘not impressed’ face when it comes to his policies. TELL ME ABOUT ISIS. The issue...the brutal terror group said ‘mine’ to huge parts of Iraq and Syria in 2014. Since then, it’s set up cells – aka the pop-up shops of terrorism – around the world that have carried out major terror attacks in places like Paris and Brussels.

Obama’s policy...put together a US-led coalition (hint: squad of allies) to carry out airstrikes against the group, and send US special forces to help on the ground in the region.

What Hillz says…gotta stay the Obama course. I'm fine with sending US special forces to help fight the fight. But US combat troops? Nope, nope, nope.

What the Donald says…cut off the group’s access to the Interwebs so they can’t recruit. Put pressure on other countries to use their troops and provide air support. WHAT ELSE IS GOING ON IN SYRIA? The issue...the years long Syrian Civil War has killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, and forced millions to leave home. Everyone and their diplomatic mother has tried to put a stop to it with no luck.

Obama’s policy...President Assad ‘has to go.’ But Obama said ‘nah’ to involving the US military in Syria...until ISIS happened. Now, the US is hitting ISIS with airstrikes in Syria, and arming moderate rebels on the ground. But it’s not getting involved in the Assad vs. rebels fight. Even though last year Russia lent BFF Assad a hand with some airstrikes that it swore were against ISIS, but actually targeted the moderate rebels the US is arming.

What Hillz says…coulda woulda shoulda. I would have armed the moderate rebels a long time ago, who might have been able to fight off ISIS before it could get so big. Now, we’ve gotta stay the Obama course.

What the Donald says…forget about Assad and focus on getting rid of ISIS. WHAT ABOUT THIS MIGRANT CRISIS? The issue...thanks to all of the above, millions of people are leaving their homes in Africa and the Mideast, and trying to find shelter in the EU. It’s the worst migrant and refugee crisis since WWII.

Obama’s the EU (where millions of these people are headed) by letting 10,000 Syrian refugees resettle in the US.

What Hillz says...the US has to help these refugees because ‘that’s who we are.’ I see Obama’s 10,000 and raise him 65,000 or more.

What the Donald says…not gonna happen. No Syrian refugees should come to the US, since this could be a way for terrorists to sneak in. theSKIMM Obama and Clinton are on one side of the foreign policy spectrum. And in many ways, Trump’s all the way over on the other. So Americans have a yuuuge choice to make at the polls.