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"Go ahead and breastfeed" – Pope Francis to mothers whose babies started crying during a ceremony in the Sistine Chapel last weekend. Thou shalt free the nipple.



T-10 days until President-elect Donald Trump takes office and Washington DC's in get sh*t done mode.


Some realllllyyy long days. The Senate will spending the week holding confirmation hearings to decide whether to green light some of Trump's cabinet picks. Here are a few of the names you'll need to know...

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL)as in Trump's pick for attorney general. He's a longtime senator and was a US attorney for Alabama for over a decade. And, like Trump, he's tough on immigration. The Senate's already rejected him once. Back in the 80s, he was denied from becoming a federal judge after he was accused of making racist comments. This time, at least one of his colleagues, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), doesn't think Sessions should get the job. Booker will be the first current senator to testify against another senator during a confirmation hearing.

Rex Tillersonas in Trump's pick for sec. of state. He's had the top job at ExxonMobil for about a decade and has done business around the world. Including in Russia, where Tillerson once picked up a friendship award from Russian President Vladimir Putin after inking a major deal there. As America's top diplomat, he'd need to deal with Putin in a less friendly way on crises like the ones in Syria and Ukraine. And the Senate will have some questions on that.

Ret. Gen. John Kelly…as in the one Trump's tapping for sec. of homeland security. He served in the Marines for more than four decades and was most recently in charge of military ops in Central and South America. He'll probably get asked about where he stands on Trump's plan to build a wall along the US-Mexico border.


Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner's being tapped to serve as one of Trump's senior advisers. Many are saying 'problem,' since an anti-nepotism law from the 60s makes it illegal for a president to give family members jobs in their administration. Team Trump says the law doesn't necessarily apply to White House jobs. Kushner has said he'd step down as CEO of his family's real-estate business. He's expected to sell off all of his foreign investments and some other assets to avoid conflicts of interest.


One more thing. All eyes are on Chi-Town tonight, where President Obama will be delivering his final speech as president. Expect to hear about what he sees as his biggest achievements over the last eight years (health care, economic recovery) – many of which could be undone under the new president.


If this sounds like an unusually chaotic week for Congress, that's because it is. The number of back-to-back confirmation hearings being rushed through means things like background checks and ethics reviews of some of the candidates are falling through the cracks. And that's not how confirmation hearings usually work.



Go Tigers. Last night, Clemson became the best team in college football. They went up against Alabama in the College Football Playoff championship game for the second year in a row. 'Bama won last year. And it looked like they might this year too. They were in the lead almost the whole time. Until they weren't. Then they were. Then they weren't. Clemson stole the win when QB Deshaun Watson threw a touchdown pass with just one second left. This is the school's first college football title since the early '80s. Now they're brushing off confetti and wearing some new gold hats.


Is there cheating going on here? Yesterday, the US gov said they've arrested a Volkswagen exec and charged him with conspiracy to defraud the government. This has to do with the emissions cheating scandal that's been hanging over VW's hood for more than a year. Back in 2015, VW admitted to installing software in some of its diesel cars that helped them cheat air pollution tests and seem greener than they actually were. In other words, one of the largest car companies in the world spent years duping customers and the US gov, apparently in order to meet strict environmental standards. This didn't go over so well with just about everyone. Like, VW customers who filed a class-action lawsuit. And the Justice Dept., which opened a criminal investigation. A VW engineer has already said 'guilty' to fraud charges. And now the FBI says this exec's responsible too. This all comes as the company's already agreed to shell out more than $17 billion as a way of saying 'sorry' to car owners and dealers. Caught VW ridin' dirty.


Time for a shakeup. Yahoo feels the same. Yesterday, The 'Hoo said that its board is getting a makeover and CEO Marissa Mayer's not invited. Last year, Verizon agreed to buy Yahoo's core internet business for nearly $5 billion. That was before Yahoo told the world 'oops, we've been hacked.' Twice. As in the largest data breaches ever. Not a good look when you're trying to complete a deal to sell part of your company. Verizon started thinking twice about the business deal. But now it's looking like it might be a go. That's because Yahoo's now saying several members of its board, including Mayer, will step down once the deal closes. Unclear what her job might be once Verizon takes over but she's said she's staying with the company. Awwwwwkward. Meanwhile what's left of Yahoo — including its stake in the Alibaba (the Amazon of China) — will be turned into an investment company called Altaba. Whatever that means.


Orlando, FL. Yesterday, a murder suspect there allegedly shot and killed a police officer. Hours later, another officer died in a traffic accident while looking for the suspect. Authorities have been searching for the suspect since last month, when he allegedly killed his pregnant ex-girlfriend. The first officer who died, Debra Clayton, had been tipped off that the suspect was in the area and confronted him. That's when he allegedly started shooting at her. Clayton was one of the first officers on the scene of the Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando last year.


The Pioneer Cabin tree: One of California's 'tunnel trees.' You know it from Insta. It's the one with the huge, carved out base that people drive through. Not anymore. A major storm just knocked it down. Mother Nature 1, social media 0.


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