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"She and the cookies have disappeared" – A Kentucky official. A Girl Scout leader is on the run after allegedly stealing $15,000 in cookies. No word on whether anyone else was a Tagalong.


The Story

Yesterday, the Justice Dept. said 'haaaaaveee you met former FBI director Robert Mueller?'

Who is he?

Mueller was one of the FBI's longest serving directors, and worked with presidents from both parties. He's also the new special counsel overseeing the FBI's investigation into whether President Trump's campaign colluded with Russia to sway the election. He'll have broad powers to lead the investigation – while still serving under the Justice Department's umbrella.

Give me some background.

Earlier this year, Michael Flynn was forced to resign as Trump's national security adviser after misleading the White House about conversations he'd had with the Russian ambassador to the US. Then last week, Trump abruptly fired Comey, who was leading the FBI's Trump-Russia investigation. 

Then what?

Earlier this week, it came out that Comey wrote a memo following a meeting he had with Trump the day after Flynn resigned. That memo details how Trump asked Comey to drop the FBI's investigation into Flynn, saying "I hope you can let this go." 

What are people saying?

After all of the above, many lawmakers agree it's time for a special prosecutor. They're giving Mueller a bipartisan thumbs up. Trump says this investigation will confirm there was "no collusion" between his campaign and any foreign country.


All of Congress, a former FBI Director, and the rest of the world are trying to figure out if Trump tried to stop an investigation into his own campaign. And now the 'I' word is being thrown around a little more loosely.


What to say when someone asks you which way the elevator's headed…

Going up. Yesterday, US immigration officials announced that they've seriously stepped up arrests of suspected undocumented immigrants so far this year. As in, by almost 40% compared to the same period last year. Officials say most of them have criminal records – but many others don't. This spike is the result of President Trump's executive order that loosens restrictions on which undocumented immigrants are a priority for detention. Under former President Obama, immigration agents were told to focus on undocumented immigrants with criminal records. Supporters of Trump's policy change say this is keeping America safe. Critics say arresting immigrants who don't have criminal records won't help bring down crime rates. One thing that hasn't gone up yet this year? Deportations. Immigration officials say this is because there are fewer people trying to cross the southern border.

What to say to your friend who had a gender reveal cake...

Heard about this? Scientists say they've successfully used 3-D printing to create ovaries that help infertile mice get pregnant. The printed ovaries implanted into the mice not only managed to push out an egg during that time of the month, but also released hormones like estrogen. The idea of the study was to see if 3-D ovaries could be implanted in female cancer survivors, who can lose ovary function during treatment. Now, scientists think that this could also be used for women who struggle with infertility. High five, Minnie.

What people are talking about…

Baylor University. Again. Earlier this week, a former student filed a federal lawsuit against the university. She alleged that several football players gang raped her back in 2012, and the school didn't do anything about it. This is the latest in a string of similar lawsuits against the university in recent years. The words 'gang rape' come up in those cases too. In this latest one, the former student says she was raped by as many as eight players. And that gang rapes like this were considered a "bonding" experience for them. Baylor's saying it's been trying to work out an "amicable resolution" with the former student for months.

What to say to your one friend who can't join the group text…

You and two billion others. Yesterday, Google kicked off the annual I/O conference that your developer friend is always very excited about. The company says there are more than two billion active Android users around the world. That's about double what Apple's got. And now, Google's going into the fruit drawer by rolling out its own competitor to Siri that you can have in your iPhone. Also, Google's new smartphone camera is smarter than you. Example: If you want to know whether that restaurant across the street is any good, you can now point your camera at it, and The Big G will pull up some reviews. Who run the world? Google it.


What to say to your friend who's always Cher Horowitz for Halloween…

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