Creative White Elephant Gift Ideas

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It's the most wonderful time of the year...for gift exchanges. Make sure yours is on point. Here are our top White Elephant gift picks, all under $25...

book scratch off

For the person who has a stack of books on their desk…
Help them decide what to open next. This 100 Book Scratch-off Poster is like reading roulette. Use a coin to scratch off the next title and reveal your next book. The poster has a range of works, from classic (think: Wuthering Heights) to contemporary (think: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) and nonfiction (think: Freakonomics).

butt mask

For the person who makes cheeky comments…
Gift self-care for their sitter. Butt masks are all the rage right now. No joke. Get the Shake It Mask from Bawdy. It has collagen in it to firm and illuminate skin. Plus, it'll make your BFF spit out her eggnog laughing. Rump, refreshed.

game of phones

For the person who’s always on their phone…
Get them to socialize IRL. The Game of Phones turns your phone into a scavenger hunt. The card game prompts players to use their phone for fun (think: emoji masterpieces, find the weirdest Google search, see whose parents text back the fastest). Winner is coming.

lunch bag

For the person who has a sad salad for lunch every day…
Spruce things up. This Insulated Lunch Bag looks just like take-out and will make meal prep a bit less meh. Plus, it has a strong magnetic closure to keep the cold air in. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

mr coffee

For the person who’s always cold at the office…
Give them something to stay warm from 9-5. The Mr.Coffee Mug Warmer heats up warm beverages or soup. And comes with an on/off switch with a light to let you know when your cup is ready to sip.

white elephant wine glass holder

For the person who says ‘rosé all day’…
Let them live their wine o’clock dreams. This SipCaddy Wine Glass Holder adheres to your shower or bath wall so it won’t budge as your relax and un-wine. Bonus: it’s dishwasher safe. Ready, steady, sip.

uncommon goods water bottle

For the person who multitasks…
Let them Facetime during gym time. This water bottle comes with a zippered pouch to keep their phone or other necessities close. The sleeve also has a handle on it, so they can keep everything handy while on that early morning run they’re always inviting you on.

metal straw

For the person who drinks a lot of iced coffee…
Help them give the environment a perk. This reusable straw is easy to clean and made from BPA-free material. Plus, it’s collapsible and comes with a case for easy travel.

HP Pancake molds

For the person who says they don’t know how to cook...
Make lighting strike in the kitchen. Williams Sonoma released a line of Harry Potter home products, and we’re v into these pancake molds. Cue: magic in a pan.

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