Skimm This: No Deal Brexit, Lyftoff, and Your Woman of the Week

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It’s March 29th. You made it to Friday. Congrats. Today, we Skimm’d This:

  • Third time’s the charm. Except when it comes to British Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan to get a Brexit deal approved. Today, Parliament said ‘no thanks, guvnah’ to her plan. For the third time. Meaning a no-deal Brexit might actually be happening. We’ll break down what that could mean for the country … and for you.

  • We have Lyftoff. Today, Lyft requested a ride to Wall St. And went public. It’s the first of many – many – ”unicorns” that are planning to open up shares to the public this year. We’ll tell you what you need to know.

  • For the past two days, we’ve asked you to tell us about your Woman of the Week. You crushed it. Skimm’r Melissa told us about a certain warrior she knows.

  • Equal Pay Day is coming up. And we want to hear from you. Leave us a voicemail at 646.461.6370 to tell us how you’ve fought for equal pay at the office. And you just might hear your two cents on the show next week.

theSkimm: British PM Theresa May isn’t feeling so TGIF. That’s because Parliament voted down her Brexit plan today. For the third time. Bollocks. We’ll tell you what a no-deal Brexit could look like. Also on today’s episode: Lyft requests a ride to Wall St, and Skimm’r Melissa tells us about her Woman of the Week.

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