theSkimm’s Guide to Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

austin powers

Dad’s big day is coming in less than a week. Here are our fave gifts that will ship in time…

For the dad who’s always drinking a new craft beer…

Box it up for him. Cratejoy lets you pick from a bunch of different subscription boxes. Variety is the spice of dad life.


For the dad who loves a good Netflix binge…

Go wild. The creators of “Wild Wild Country”--HQ’s recent binge--wrote a book. “Like Brothers” by Jay and Mark Duplass is all about growing up super-close, and being your most creative self. Warning: dad may start filming home videos again after reading.


For the dad who Googles at the dinner table…

This will make him feel right at home. The Google Home mini gives As to every Q--from ‘what’s the weather?’ to ‘who was in the cast of Karate Kid?’ And it also works as a speaker. Turn it up.


For the dad who likes to document everything…

Say cheese and then some. This GoPro Hero is the best and easiest way for him to access his inner Steven Spielberg. And make some memories at your family get-togethers and his boys’ trips. Smile, you’re on candid Dad camera.


For the dad who texts you about his new playlist...

Volume up. Sonos speakers are easy to control from his phone and he can access thousands of playlists on them. Smart speakers, on.


For the dad who’s a grill enthusiast…

Meet your BBQ whisperer. This cooking fork will make sure he grills everything justttt right.


For the dad with all the dad jokes...

Deal him in. Cards Against Humanity is the game that will have him and all his friends laughing out loud. Side of beer recommended.


For the dad who spends weekends in old concert tees….

Hey now, you’re a rockstar. Get him concert tix for an experience that will stay stuck in his head. Literally.


For the dad with a long commute...

Don’t get your wires crossed. As in, these wireless AirPods will make sure he can listen to podcasts (or classic rock) without tangles.


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