theSkimm's Summer Reads Guide 2018

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It’s hot, hot, hot. What works well as a fan? A book. Or you can just go inside to the AC. Your move. Here are our fave reads to beat the heat...

kiss quotient

For when you need a vacation from your vacation...
Need some more OOO before I go crazy. “Crazy Rich Asians” by Kevin Kwan will put crazy in perspective. About a (yes) very crazy, very rich Asian family that doesn't react well when their only son brings his American girlfriend home for the summer. Think: "Pride & Prejudice" meets "Gossip Girl"...with a few extra billion. The movie’s coming out this week so read it now.

bad blood

For when you want something to discuss at the BBQ…
I’ll take it well-done, please. My burger and my business. “Bad Blood” by John Carreyrou is about a “unicorn” health startup, Theranos, and its veryyy steep fall from grace. Spoiler: the founder Elizabeth Holmes went from wearing black turtlenecks a la Steve Jobs to being the black sheep of Silicon Valley.

pieces of her

For when you want to sit at the edge of your towel...
Take a page-slash-piece from this book. “Pieces of Her” by Karin Slaughter is all about a mother-daughter duo in a small Georgia town. When a terrifying act of violence happens at a local mall, the daughter finds out mom is NOT who she thought she was.

charlotte walsh

For when you’re plotting your comeback to reality...
So, what political crisis did I miss this time? “Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win” by Jo Piazza is about a woman who wants in on that DC life. She has it all--except a seat in the Senate. Perfect for the person whose guilty pleasures include politician tweets.

l'll be gone in the dark

For when you’re feeling the post-vacation Sunday scaries...
Meet something scarier. “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark” by Michelle McNamara is all about the Golden State Killer--aka the serial killer who terrorized California for decades. The author’s a journalist who became obsessed with finding him. She died before that happened, but this book played a role in figuring out whodunnit.

summer wives

For when you're craving an Aperol spritz...
I'll take a book and a boat with that too, plz. "The Summer Wives" by Beatriz Williams will give you the full order. It takes place on an exclusive island off Long Island Sound. Think: cocktails, sailing, croquet. A woman who visits as a teen falls in love with a local...who is later accused of murdering her stepdad. Intrigue, served.

give me your hand

For when your frenemy offers you her SPF ...
What's the catch? "Give Me Your Hand" by Megan Abbott gets into a very complicated female friendship. Imagine your lab partner from high school being your best friend. Fun. Then imagine her telling you a secret that changes your lives forever...and showing up decades later as your professional competition. Not as fun, but way more interesting.

great believers

For when you want a book to impress your SO’s parents…
This TBT will do the trick. “The Great Believers” by Rebecca Makkai is set between the 1980s and modern day. It’s about how different generations struggled with the AIDS epidemic, and it’ll take you from the art world to Paris and beyond.

kiss quotient

For when you run into a guy you dated on the beach...
I’m not sweating, you’re sweating. “The Kiss Quotient” by Helen Hoang is about a woman with Asperger’s who hires an escort to give her some practice in the dating department. Think: “Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine” meets the movie “Hitch.”

social creature

For when Instagram says you’ve caught up on all posts from the last 2 days...
Obsessed, much? Reading “Social Creature” by Tara Isabella Burton is like binging your favorite murder-mystery podcast. A small-town girl gets caught up in the glitz and glam of NYC. Cue crazy parties, backstabbing, and a dangerous obsession with social media. Like.

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