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theSkimm's Guide to


Rules on Sharing theSkimm

What can I do?

1) Share your referral link with your network. You can share via email or post it on social networks.

2) Invite people via theSkimm’s invite page.

3) Sign people up with your referral link if they know and agree to being signed up.

4) Add your unique referral to your phone’s homescreen to sign people up in person.

What can't I do?

1) Sign up fake email addresses.

2) Sign up people using your referral link that don’t know or haven’t agreed to
receive theSkimm (Think: signing up your entire address book).

3) Purchase email addresses and sign them up for theSkimm.

Why not?

1) It hurts our email rep. To deliver the Daily Skimm newsletter reliably, we have to maintain our reputation with email service providers (Think Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.). Having bogus emails in our system causes the Daily Skimm to be flagged, and can lead to problems with delivery & more serious issues (delayed delivery, spam or promotions folder).

2) Angry Skimm’rs. Having users signed up without their consent often leads to angry emails from people who think we bought their email or are doing something unethical.

3) Prizes are a great way to reward and thank our Skimm’rs who help us grow. Not if it’s done in the wrong way though. We don’t want to get rid of swag and contests but we have started monitoring share practices and removing those who violate these guidelines from receiving prizes.

What happens if I do it anyway?

1) You won’t win prizes!

2)  Failing to follow our sharing guidelines can result in removal from the
Skimm’bassador program, listserv, Facebook and LinkedIn communities.


"Today’s top sharer wins the prize!"

Its simple, the skimm’r with the most new referrals on the day of the competition wins the prize. Share away! 

"The more you share, the better chance you have to win!"

You can think of this as similar to a raffle, where each new referral you get through your unique link gets you an additional entry into the drawing for the prize. If you have 5 new referrals on the day of the competition, you will have 5 entries into the drawing! There is no limit to the amount of entries; hence “the more you share, the better chance you have to win!”

Skimm Share competitions (1/16 - 1/20)

You can also think of this as similar to a raffle. Method of entry - generating a valid referral to the Daily Skimm by using your unique referral link. Each valid referral is equivalent to a single entry, and the number of entries is unlimited.

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