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Sports where its not polite to shout partnership 00 LAST UPDATED AUG 14, 2017


There are lots of balls flying in people’s faces right now. Literally. That’s because tennis and golf are in full swing.


There are four big tourneys – or Grand Slams – every year. They are...

Australian Open...the one down under that’s over with first. It’s in Melbourne in January every year. This year, Serena Williams – who found out she was pregnant just days before the final – beat out her sister Venus for the title. And Roger Federer won his 18th grand slam title over rival and frenemy Rafael Nadal.

French Open...earlier this year, the unseeded Jelena Ostapenko won her first-ever title over Romania’s Simona Halep. On the men's side, Nadal said 'bonjour' to his 10th French Open win.

Wimbledon...the British one where Federer got another W. Without dropping (hint: regular people say 'losing') a set. And Garbiñe Muguruza beat Venus Williams, making her the only player to ever beat both of the Williams sisters for Grand Slam titles. Game, set, rivalry.

US Open...the one in New York that will be all over your Insta feed. Now that Serena's on hiatus, the women's title is up for grabs. And on the men's side, both Federer and Nadal will be looking to win, win, win no matter what.


Breadstick...Not just what you sneak into your purse at dinner. When a tennis set ends in 6-1. Dude where’s my carb?

Bagel...Not just for lox. When a tennis set ends in 6-0. Aka "Serena crushed it with a bagel set."

Love...Not the heart kind. The hard serve kind. Means ‘zero’ when announcing the score of a game.


Don’t yawn. While golf is good for naps, it’s also good for kicking putt. Here are the four big tourneys (pro-tip: call them majors) every year...

Masters...the one with the green jackets. It’s in Augusta, GA every year, y’all. This year, Spaniard Sergio Garcia won the tourney. It was his first major win after a lottt of close calls. He celebrated by bringing his new green jacket to his wedding a couple months later.

US in the one on Father’s Day every year. Because golf and dad bods go together like Sundays and not moving. Brooks Koepka broke away from the pack on the last day and tied Rory McIlroy's record for the lowest-ever score at an Open.

British in the one that’s also just called “The Open.” Because the Brits like to think they’re the OGs. It’s the oldest tourney in all of golf. This year, American Jordan Spieth pulled off an unexpected win and got to take home the “Claret Jug” prize. Yes, that’s a real thing.

PGA in the one that closes out the majors season. This year, the US's Justin Thomas won his first major there and got to take home a casual $1.89 million.


Par...The number of shots it takes a scratch golfer -- aka the pros -- to get it in the hole.

Birdie...Shooting one under par. Tweet tweet.

Bogey...Shooting one over par. Womp womp.

Duck hook...When a golf shot starts going one way...then abruptly goes the other way. Mid-life ball crisis.


Tennis and golf aren’t just for the country club crowd. They’re hugely popular sports with lots of prize $$, endorsements, and street cred on the line. Game, set, fore.

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