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President Trump's First 100 Days in Office

Trump first 100 days header 03 PUBLISHED APR 28, 2017


It's heeeeeere. President Trump turns 100 (days) on April 29th.


Technically? It doesn't. The 'First 100 Days' marker is a pretty arbitrary milestone for measuring how a president is doing. But for decades, candidates have laid out their plans for the opening stretch of their time in the White House in this way.


Here are some of the things he set out to do in his first 100 days – and links to your Skimm as it happened...

Nominate a Supreme Court Justice...on February 1st, Trump tapped federal appeals court Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the empty seat on the Supreme Court. By April 10th, he was approved by the Senate.

Pause immigration from regions with a history of terrorism...on January 30th, Trump signed an executive order banning some refugees and all immigrants from entering the US. Almost immediately, that executive order was in legal limbo and put on pause. On February 10th, Trump lost an appeal to have it reinstated. On March 7th, Trump put out a new version of the travel ban that was written to stand up better in court. That didn't work out.

Introduce a plan for corporate and individual tax reform...done and done.

Repeal and replace Obamacare...on March 7th, House Republicans unveiled a shiny new plan to finally repeal and replace Obamacare. Almost immediately, it wasn't clear whether it had enough Republican support to pass the House. By March 27th, despite intense lobbying by House Speaker Paul Ryan and Trump, there was officially no deal.

Roll back federal rules on US energy production to boost job creation...on January 25th, Trump signed executive memos to make it easier for the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines to be built. On March 28th, Trump took a red pen to many of former President Obama's climate change policies, arguing that it would help bring American jobs back to long struggling industries like coal.


It's been a whirlwind 100 days. At that's only a small percentage of a president's time in office. Buckle up.

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