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Welcome to theSkimm!

theSkimm is an email newsletter for anyone short on time. No one wants to be the deer in headlights when someone says “did you hear about the latest in Syria?” or “did you hear about Johnny Football?”

Our concept is simple. We read. You Skimm.

This is a service everyone needs. You may follow the 'right' people on Twitter or get the 'right' breaking news alerts but with so much noise, it's hard to filter what you need to know in politics, international affairs, sports, entertainment, technology etc.

theSkimm is your filter. We cross party and subject lines to break down what it seems everyone else is talking about.

theSkimm is not just another email. It’s about choosing to make your mornings better by being informed in a way that fits into your routine. Even before your first cup of coffee.

Welcome to theSkimm Life. Mornings just got better.

the Skimms

P.S. We love your feedback, comments, suggestions. Contact us: [email protected]