Desk Decor: How to Make Your Desk Less Sad

Miranda Priestly

Everyone on your feed is taking a Summer Friday (or Wednesday or Thursday). If you're in the office, sorry. Make your desk a destination you dream about even when you're OOO. Here are some of our favorite desk decor picks to make your desk less sad.

Amazon Power Strip

For when you spill water all over your desk…
Don’t trip (literally). This power strip folds over so you can shove it in the corner of your desk...away from your feet and drinks. It’s also bendy, so there’s room to plug in everything while you plug away.


For when you have the urge to FaceTime your dog at work...
Make the day less ruff and bring that face to your desk. This framing service can pull images from your Instagram and send them back to you IRL.


For when your desk is an explosion of papers...
Tree's company. As in group them together and make them less sad slash messy. These stacking trays come in teal, aka Skimm HQ's favorite color.

TJX Bookends

For when you make sure to read before and after work…
Nice way to bookend your day. There are towers of books on more than one Skimm HQr’s desk. Keep your table clear by snuggling your reads between these bookends.


For when your boss gives you an assignment due ASAP at 6pm...
You got this. These pens will remind you and keep you from saying haaalp. The writing's on the (motivational) wall.

Target marble

For when you lose an important sticky note…
System failure. A mini dry erase board can help keep your to-do’s listed in one place. This one has a marble background, so it stays IG ready even after you’ve checked all the boxes. Marbelous.

washi tape

For when people keep forgetting to return your scissors…
Cut it out plz. Use washi tape to make labels for your things.

dormify desk lamp

For when there are no windows in your office…
Lighten up (your desk and your devices). This table lamp comes with a USB port and outlet. B
ecause 100p battery is great but squeezing under your desk to charge your phone is not.


For when you get a title change but not a raise…
Having lukewarm feelings about this. Bring on the heat with this ceramic mug. It keeps your bev at the perfect sipping temp and comes with an app that lets you choose and set presets for different drinks. Cool.

laptop stand

For when you’re trying to overhear the office gossip...
Craned your neck so much it hurts? This laptop stand is ergonomic, which means it makes working more comfortable. Plus, it’s a Skimm HQ fave and would make your mom v proud (read: improves posture).

Mila Planner

For when a coworker asks if you want to go to happy hour…
Planning on it. Pencil it in on this planner. This one’s a large 17-month agenda. Because big dreams.


For when you have a lot of plants at your desk…
Don’t forget to water yourself. Aka stay hydrated. Skimm HQ loves these bottles. And if you haven’t gotten yourself one, water you waiting for? S’well is having a major sale rn.

Bando Container

For when you arrive to work at a different time every day...
All over the place. Make sure your desk isn’t when you get in. This catch-all hides the little things (think: thumbtacks, bobby pins, emergency mints) in a container that kinda sorta looks like candy. Sweet.


For when your romper doesn’t come with pockets…
Everything you need is on your wearable anyways. Make sure it stays charged with a marble dock. Rock solid.

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