If it feels like everyone took secret classes on how to manage and save're not alone. We're here to take the question marks out of the dollar signs and help you make smarter choices about how to invest, budget, avoid tax mistakes, and more.

Skimm'tionary: Stock Market

S&P, NASDAQ, DJIA...WTF? Here are some of the most important investing terms you need to know.

Your Wallet

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Skimm Money face the future

Skimm'tionary: Student Loans

Learn the loans language. So when you come across 'capitalized interest' and 'deferment' in a sentence, you're less 'WTF?' and more 'I got this.'

Saving and Investing

Earn. Save. Invest. Repeat.

Skimm'tionary: Emergency Savings

Speaking the 'emergency savings' language is part of the fun(d).


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