Treat Yourself With These Picks

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Put down the pumpkin and carve out some time for yourself. We’re talking about celebrating the *other* holiday this month: Treat Yo Self Day. Go for it...

Otherland Candle Rattan
Courtesy Otherland

For when the fall rush leaves you frazzled…
Don’t burn yourself out. Do that to a candle instead. Otherland works with luxury perfumers to develop scents that turn your room into an oasis. They recommend a screen-free bubble-bath when enjoying the Rattan candle. Don’t mind if we do...

Rituals Hammam scrub
Courtesy Jet

For when you’ve been all about ginger shots...
Scrub germs off the outside of your body, too. Rituals Hot Scrub is an exfoliator that warms up while you scrub down. This spa-worthy scrub will make your nose feel tingly, with a zesty mix of ginger, eucalyptus, and sea salt.

Slip Anthro
Courtesy Anthropologie

For when you want to actually wake up like that...
Silk will help. You don’t need us to tell you that the skin on your face is delicate...but your rough, creasy pillow might also be damaging your hair. The Slip silk pillowcase is an HQ favorite because it protects both, feels luxe, and comes in soothing colors.

Courtesy Margaux

For when breaking in those new boots hurts...
Heel your feet. Invest in a pair of shoes that are built to last and won’t leave you aching. Margaux makes minimalist pumps that give off cool French girl vibes.

Courtesy Glossier

For when self-care time turns into snooze time…
Lay your head down on the pillow wearing this Moisturizing Moon Mask from Glossier. It plumps up your skin and smoothes fine lines. All it takes is 20 minutes. Cue: the perfect power nap.

Makeup Towels Weezie
Courtesy Weezie

For when you can't resist a bathroom selfie...
Do as Rihanna does and #bathleisure. Get towels that’ll give you all the likes. These Weezie ones have rounded corners, hooks for hanging, and are oh-so soft. PS: we like their makeup towels because they look good even after wiping your Halloween face off.

lush sleepy
Courtesy Lush

For when you can’t get a decent night’s sleep…
Let lotion be your lullaby. One HQ’r swears by LUSH’s Sleepy Lotion. With lavender, tonka, cocoa butter, almond oil, and more, this is Zzz good stuff.

Paromi tea
Courtesy Amazon

For when work is stressing you out...
Breathe and take a little vacay around the world. Paromi's caffeine-free tea has a combo of French lavender, Egyptian chamomile, and South African Rooibos. Steep it, then stay c(ahh)lm and carry on.

Ellia, Gather Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser
Courtesy Amazon

For when the colder weather chaps your lips...
Diffuse the situation. This tiny diffuser spritzes your favorite essential oils, plays relaxing sounds, and helps combat dry air. Ommm included.

Courtesy Amazon

For when no self-care sesh is complete without wine…
Drink up. Not you, your hair. This mask is loaded with wine extract and antioxidants to help condition your locks. It’s also got Vitamin E oil, pomegranate, and plum extract because wine not.

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